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  • What does wood wick mean?
    Wood wick means the wick that you light on the candle, is wood. This provides a more efficient burn than cotton wicks, and also have a soothing crackling noise. Cotton wicks are what many common known candles contain AKA the "normal" wick.
  • What size candles do you offer?
    4 oz burns 20-30 hours and is $8.50 8 oz burns 40-50 hours and is $13
  • I have a scent and can't find it on your website
    All candle scents are limited and come back during its best matched with season. Occasionally, there will be some scents made and available out of season. If you are looking for a specific scent not available, please contact us through the contact form, social media or email to check and see if we have what you're looking for, or can give you a more exact answer on when you can find it back in stock.
  • My candle won't stay lit
    Please refer to our Candle Care guide for troubleshooting help
  • How do I trim my wick?
    When you trim your wick, you are prolonging the life of your candle by ridding the excess soot build up and helping decrease the amount of carbon released when your candle is burning. This should be done before relighting any candle, at any time. To trim your candle wick: Cotton wick: Use wick trimmers (available for purchase under accessories) to trim the wick of your candle to 1/4" before relighting. Dispose of the trimmed wick/soot. *The wick trimmer is specially designed to fit into jars of various depths and provide a surface to hold the excess wick as you lift it out of the jar. Wood wick: To ensure you do not remove too much of the wick, we recommend avoiding scissors or wick trimmers when caring for a wood wick. We recommend, using a tissue to gently remove any burnt wick/ash from the top of your wick. Dispose of the tissue and burnt wick/ash. 1/4"-1/2" of the wood wick should remain. It is okay for the top of the wick to be black when you relight your candle, as long as there is not excess ash hanging off of it.
  • Are the candles non-toxic?
    Yes, all ingredients used in our candles are non-toxic when used for its recommended purpose, AKA being warmed in the use of a candle/wax melt. Please do not consume any part of the candle.
  • Why is there an emphasis on non-toxic?
    Many common candle brands use a highly toxic ingredient called paraffin wax, which is derived from crude oil. Even refined paraffin wax, which is FDA approved, contains crude oil. Through studies, it has been deemed dangerous and can cause, nausea, headaches, fatigue and other symptoms when inhaled. Additionally, many fragrance oils these companies use in their candles contain phthalates, which are a plasticizer designed to hold the scent, however it is not necessary in the making of fragrance oil. If you have had bad experiences before with common candles, this may be the reason. Our candles are non-toxic when burning and do not emit the harmful chemicals that paraffin wax does. Additionally, the fragrance oils we use do not contain anything that is harmful to inhale, when used in the use of a candle/wax melt. Misty Candles are safe for all, but especially pets, children, elderly, and those with allergies and asthma *research has been concluded*. Refer to our about page for more information on Misty Candles
  • How do I contact you
    Please contact us through our contact form Email us at Or reach us on social media @mistycandleco or /mistycandleco
  • Can I buy these candles in a store
    We stock several locations in Southern Michigan. These locations can be found on the map located at the bottom of this page and any other page on the website. Use the scroll in/out feature to locate yourself on the map and check if there is a location near you. *Note: each location has a different stock than what is on the website. For an up to date list of scents, please call the location nearest you to check availability*
  • Do you recycle the jars?
    We do not re-use the candle jars but that doesn't mean you can't! Click here for our up-cycle guide for your candle jars - how to efficiently and quickly clean them out, as well as a variety of uses for them.
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