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there are important care steps for candles that should be followed to ensure you receive the best burn from your candle and help prolong the life of it


  • Make sure the entire top surface of your candle has been melted/the top surface is all liquid wax, before extinguishing the flame. This will help prevent an inconsistent burn the next time you light the candle

  • Trim the wick to 1/4" (wood and cotton wicks) - In other terms, rid of the "black ball" of soot on the cotton wick or brush off all the burnt wood/ash on your wood wick


  • Recommended burning time is 2-4 hours 

  • Only put candle on heat resistant, level surface

  • Never burn candle underneath of a counter, shelf, etc.

  • Container will be VERY HOT during use and will remain HOT until wax has hardened. We recommend not moving or touching your candle until the jar has cooled and wax has solidified

  • Keep out of reach from children and pets

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended - That includes extinguishing the flame before going to sleep

  • Although the flame may have been blown out, always ensure the ember has been extinguished as well


  • If the flame is flickering, sparking, high/tall or wick is excessively smoking, extinguish flame immediately and trim your wick before relighting (some smoke coming from the wick is okay)

  • If your candle wick won't stay lit, trim your wick and relight. If this does not fix the issue, move your candle into a less drafty area then relight

  • if wick is too short, it may not stay lit. The flame is fueled by the wax and fragrance - If there is a tiny bit of wax that has been melted around the wick, carefully use a paper towel to absorb. If you do not like this option and would rather save the wax, use a toothpick to gently pull wax away from around the wick *You do not need to pull a lot away, just enough to give the wick some room to breath and hold the flame* Move the pulled away wax onto the surface of the rest of the wax and it should melt like normal and become a smooth, even top once fully melted


Need further troubleshooting help? Message us on social media @mistycandleco or email at

4 oz burns 20-30 hours

8 oz burns 40-50 hours

If there is wax remaining in the bottom of the candle, and the wick won't light anymore, you can use a wax warmer to heat the rest. If not, you can carefully remove the wax and put it in a skillet on the stove or a tealight "warmer" that can be found at the dollar store

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